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Our Approach To
Space Science

We help Space Enthusiasts get Access to Space Services & Platforms

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What we can do for you

Services provided for you.

There are many domains of services to offer.

Learn in-demand industrial skills

You don’t get better at swimming by watching others. Coding is no different. To impart knowledge of basic concept of basic electronics, semiconductors, their properties and application in various fields.

XSpace Print Shop

Our print shop offers a wide range of printing services to meet your business or personal needs. We have fast and reliable service, professional printing services, personalised stationary

The XSpace Podcast

We are creating a community for space explorers to connect with other explorers all over the African continent with the goal of promoting space in Africa. Click here to learn more

Astronomical Research Activities

We teach you how you can start basic Astronomy data analysis and processing. Featuring telescope viewing sessions, webinars, conferences and more.

Build Your Own Artificial Satellite

Build your own satellite. Learn about satellites and their appearance, orbits, functions, syb-systems and importance in our daily life.

Ghana CanSat/Rocketry Championship

Flaunt your built cansats at this national level competition and move up to get access to the WCRC Finals and the WCRC Community


Programming Skills


Basic Electronics


Intro to Robotics







Our Current Goals:

  • Improve Astronomy education in Ghana

  • Provide easy access to Astronomy accessories and equipment

  • Improve teaching and learning of Astronomy, Physics, Electronics and Programming

  • Improve satellite data processing and analysis.

  • Improve weather forecast data.

  • Introduce private Astronomy data reduction and analysis.

  • Provide easy web dev strategies and solutions to all SME’s.

Our Future Goals:

  • Build satellites.

  • Launch satellites.

  • Provide Space security systems.

  • Plan, develop and lead our Space Program with our in house built satellites

  • Enrich the Young generation minds

  • Large Scale Training Programmes

  • Advanced Astronomy Research Educations

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Meet our Professional Team

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Appekey Solomon

Founder & CEO
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Armiyawo Bilal

Manager & Writer, XComics
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Lazar Jeftic

R&D Engineer | Remote Sensing and Small Spacecraft Technology | Earth Observation
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Selorm Appekey

Office Manager | Social Media Manager | Graphic Designer
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Jemimah Enyonam Kwakuyi

Website Manager | Tutor | Events Coordinator| Junior Electronics Engineer